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Depending on the circumstances, the crime of theft can carry up to 10 years in prison and $5,000 in fines.  Often times, what can start out as a dispute over property or money owed can result in criminal theft charges being brought.  In addition, theft does not have to involve tangible property or money, an individual can be charged with theft simply for receiving services without paying for them.  

Being convicted for theft can have long lasting ramifications because theft is considered a crime of dishonesty.  A theft conviction can make it extremely difficult to obtain employment and can also negatively impact other aspects of life.  It is critical that anyone facing theft or shoplifting charges hire a skilled and experienced Washington, DC theft and shoplifting defense attorney.

Jason Kalafat aggressively represents all of his clients charged with theft or shoplifting.  Please contact Mr. Kalafat to schedule a consultation to discuss your theft or shoplifting case.

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