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Although fraud and other "white collar" crimes are nonviolent in nature, they are prosecuted just as vigorously as their violent crime counterparts.  These types of offenses include wire & mail fraud, bank fraud, tax fraud, securities fraud, embezzlement, public corruption, violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, identity theft and credit card theft.  The penalties for these crimes can be severe depending on the extent of the scheme and the amount of money at issue.  

These cases often involve the review and analysis of numerous documents.  Attention to detail is critical when defending an individual accused of fraud or other white collar crimes.  Only after an exhaustive review can a defense attorney mount a proper legal defense.  Someone facing these charges should immediately retain a skilled and experienced Washington, DC fraud and white collar crimes defense attorney.

Jason Kalafat aggressively represents all of his clients charged with fraud or white collar crimes.  Please contact Mr.Kalafat to schedule a consultation to discuss your fraud or white collar crimes case.

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